To be fit and fabulous you do not have to burn out yourself at the gym or starve yourself, everything must be equally and consistently done. Sumzine has prepared 10 beauty tips to fuel up your motivation and passion for getting that fit and fabulous body you have been dreaming of.

Set your goals. Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. You might get easily frustrated if you have set your goals too difficult for you to achieve.

Your face. Keep away from harsh chemicals given by your dermatologist to get a radiating, shining, smoothing skin. When washing your face, use a warm water to open the pores on your face. When applying facial soap, lather the soap on your hands. Grab an egg and separate the yolk, use the egg white and beat it until it peaks. Brush the egg on your skin and let it dry. Wash your face again and rub an ice cube to close the pores on your face.

Change your diet. Most of us skip our breakfast, DO NOT. This is the most important meal of the day. Eat regular meals to compensate for the energy you have given off. Eat vegetables, high fiber, and low-calorie foods. Choose a healthier option of food, cut down the drinking of alcohol.

Regular exercise. Studies have shown that slacking off for long periods greatly affects your health. Perform activities that you can manage to avoid stressing your body. You can engage in sports, martial arts or you can even go to the gym and have a professional trainer.

Hydrate. Our body is composed of 60 percent water. We should not let ourselves dehydrate. A human being who does not engage in strenuous activities should consume eight glasses of water a day, but if you are exercising regularly and engage in activities that require great exertion, rehydrate and drink two to three liters a day to keep a glowing skin.

Socialize. Get a friend or invite your loved ones to join with you on getting to be fit and fabulous. Getting into this challenging changes makes it fun with your friends and loved ones, you did not just help yourself to get healthier, you have also helped them.

Make it fun. Changing your lifestyle into a healthier phase does not make it boring. You have to vary your routine and activities, try something different to discover your talents or what activities can keep you with your plans.

Balance. As you settle with this new lifestyle of yours, learn to listen to your body. Balance your diet, skin care and exercise. Give what your body needs.

Be flexible. Get a rest day if your week’s schedule is hectic. Be gentle with yourself. Just do not make excuses for you to slack off.

Believe in yourself. You can do it! Review these tips if you have felt that your motivation is slipping.

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